The name STRIPPED represents a future in which women will feel powerful at their most vulnerable, even when they are bare.

We didn’t create STRIPPED for ourselves, but for all the women that have been excluded from the lingerie industry. As a Victoria’s Secret fit specialist, Kendy, had to turn women away every day because Victoria’s Secret didn’t have their size. She could tell that the shopping experience and product offerings were not satisfying many women who came to the store.

The founding team leaving their first funding pitch. (From left: Ivy, Glen, Kendy, Hattie, Sydney)

Little did she know that she would meet Co-Founder, Sydney in an introductory entrepreneurship course at the University of Washington in the Spring of 2019. They bonded over their frustration for the lingerie industry. They hatched a plan to tackle the gaps that lead to 80% of women not knowing their correct bra size and 2/3rds of women not finding their size in stores.

To get started Kendy and Sydney entered a pitch competition and failed in the first round. That fall, they signed up for a create-a-company six-month course at the Foster School of Business. They pitched STRIPPED to their peers and gained three incredible new teammates: Ivy, Hattie, and Glen.

Together the five founders launched STRIPPED and designed their first bralette, the Hattie. They reached beyond the scope of the class and were accepted to compete in more pitch competitions. After competition season ended, Ivy and Hattie decided to pursue other dreams and we are so grateful for their hard work and dedication that brought STRIPPED into the world.

Now Kendy, Glen, and Sydney will continue pushing for a more supportive and inclusive future.



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