We get it – bra shopping sucks. STRIPPED is rethinking intimates for everyone.


Did you know that 80% of women are in the wrong bra size? We are a comfort lingerie start-up that seeks to provide a unique, educational, and empowering bra shopping experience with comfortable and supportive bralettes for everyone.




Sydney is passionate about women’s empowerment and believes that if a woman is expected to wear a bra every day, it should at least be comfortable. Her goal is to design bralettes that women will be excited to wear, and at the end of the day, won’t want to take off. 


Sydney is a recent graduate of the entrepreneurship program at the University of Washington where she served as president of the Undergraduate Women in Business Association. Previously, Sydney has been deeply involved in the arts and women empowerment programs. She is committed to supporting all women by providing an empowering bra shopping experience.



Kendy obtained a degree in law and entrepreneurship at the University of Washington. Kendy worked at Victoria’s Secret as a Bra Specialist where she discovered the gaps in the lingerie industry. She had to turn women away every day because their size was not sold at VS. She is passionate about making a social impact in her career and through entrepreneurship. 

Kendy is taking on a consulting position at Grant Thornton and has committed herself to work full time while also running STRIPPED to create social change.



Glen is a senior at the University of Washington majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. His professional endeavors truly embody entrepreneurship- ranging from bootstrapping his own coffee shop to independent filmmaking.

After several years of learning how to be his own accountant, producing profit and loss statements on the fly, a solid business education called Glen to apply to the Foster School of Business. He met his future STRIPPED partner in a finance class and the rest is history. Glen is truly honored to be supporting the incredible women behind STRIPPED and hopes to help the movement of empowering all women.

We are grateful to...


Ivy is a member of the founding STRIPPED team. She is a truly talented entrepreneur who, in her free time, launched her own eCommerce business via private label selling on Amazon, with her first-month sales passing $14,000.


During her time as COO, she utilized her skills in website design, product sourcing, and scrappy creative thinking to bring STRIPPED off the ground. Now, Ivy is pursuing the establishment of her own company. We are incredibly thankful that Ivy committed so much of her time and energy to launch STRIPPED and every win in our future builds off of the foundation that she set for our accomplishment.


Hattie was sent to us by the UK fashion gods. She studied abroad at the University of Washington where she co-founded STRIPPED. Our first bralette is named after Hattie because she helped design it and it represents the power and choice that women should have about how to express themselves. 

Hattie is solely responsible for the establishment of STRIPPED's social media presence as well. Without Hattie, our first product and our outward presence would not exist as is does today. We are so grateful for the contributions that Hattie made during her time as CMO and we can't wait to see how she will conquer the world with her own brand. 


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